metaPXLZ are the official DEADPXLZ 3D collectibles.
There’s 10,000 of them, each corresponding to one original PXL. They were built together with @Fauna, the artist you know and love for his cool 3D renditions of PXLZ.
metaPXLZ are derivative NFTs based on the original DEADPXLZ collection. They will be part of any future metaverse narratives that the project may pursue such as but not limited to avatars, unique metaverse items, special metaverse token sales etc.
DEADPXLZ is currently involved in a partnership with Virtua, a major cross-chain crypto metaverse builder. (see announcement here)
Any Genesis PXL holder can mint their metaPXL provided it has not yet been minted by going to the PXL Explorer.
The metaPXLZ are minted under this policy ID: d6e3ae03a94c9748189f41e9d180f91e971f18909ea52559c977c259