🖖Hello & welcome to DEADPXLZ!

This space is the official one-stop-shop for all of the relevant and latest information on the DEADPXLZ ecosystem.

The project started out in March 2021. It was born out of a desire to build in and innovate the crypto space as well as bring people together in a thriving community of likeminded individuals.

The project has since then established itself as one of the leading NFT projects on the Cardano blockchain.

DEADPXLZ is currently developing a crypto gaming platform named PXL Wars, built around a novel Play to Earn model with the goal of not only rewarding those who are good at the game but also rewarding the holders of the Genesis PXLZ collection.

All rewards stemming from PXL Wars are to be paid in ADA, the currency which powers the Cardano blockchain.

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