Genesis PXLZ

Genesis PXLZ are the first interactive NFT collection on the Cardano blockchain.
There are 10,000 Genesis PXL NFTs in existence.
PXLZ are not JPEGs. They are exclusively made of code. Because of this you can interact with them by tapping or clicking on virtually any device which supports a web browser.
☝️ This is a PXL NFT. Open it and try tapping or double tapping anywhere on your screen.
Due to the fact that Genesis PXLZ are progressive web applications (PWAs), Genesis PXLZ can also live as apps on your phone. See it in action here.
You can access the rarity of each Genesis PXL when viewing it by double tapping/clicking on your screen.
The entire collection has been minted on May 6th 2021 under the following policy ID: 1ec85dcee27f2d90ec1f9a1e4ce74a667dc9be8b184463223f9c9601
Holders of the Genesis collection will be able to redeem passive ADA rewards stemming from user activity in the upcoming PXL Wars P2E game.