PXL Wars - a P2E PvP game on Cardano

The PXL Wars is a Play to Earn (P2E) game built on the Cardano blockchain where users will be able to conduct a number of activities such as PvP Battles and Skirmishes as well as use their $DING tokens for a competitive edge in battle.

PXL Wars champions a novel P2E model built around two main goals:

  1. Rewarding players who are are good at the game

  2. Rewarding Genesis PXL holders at the same time

Both P2E and Genesis holder rewards will be paid in ADA, the currency which powers the Cardano blockchain.

PXL Wars will be open to everyone, regardless if they hold Genesis or metaPXLZ.

Wars accounts will be created in the form of an NFT on the Cardano blockchain. All relevant game activity and user information will then be logged within this newly minted account token’s metadata thus assuring complete ownership over one’s PXL Wars account.

Future iterations/add-ons of the game will bring extra content, features and levels of interaction to the table.

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