PXL Boot Camp

25,000,000 $DING will be subject to harvesting via forging PXLZ in the PXL Boot Camp stage of the upcoming P2E game, PXL Wars.

For the purpose of this section, we will look exclusively at the tokenomics of The PXL Boot Camp as the rest of the mechanics are covered in the PXL Wars section of this wiki.

The PXL Boot Camp program will be introduced 1 month before PXL Wars PvP goes live on mainnet and will allow users to forge PXLZ by spending ADA and gain $DING while doing so for a limited amount of 30 days.

Leftover $DING will be assigned to the Community DAO Treasury.

More details regarding the PXL Boot Camp $DING accrual will be released as we move closer to the program’s launch date.

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