Reward Distribution

Let's look at a clear fund distribution example for forging.

Let's assume that User A is forging 3 different PXLZ in the PXL Forge:

  1. DEAD Base with one Gold Chain and one Headphones attributes.

  2. DEAD Base with one Gold Chain, one Turtleneck and one Golden Earrings attributes.

  3. WEREWOLF Base with one Gold Chain, one Cigarette attributes.

Cost Breakdown (according to current Forge Pricing model)

  1. PXL#1 (2 attributes): 20 ADA (base) + 10 ADA (Gold Chain) + 24.03 ADA (Headphones) = 54.03 ADA

  2. PXL#2 (3 attributes): 20 ADA (base) + 10 ADA (Gold Chain) + 13.27 ADA (Turtleneck) + 14.70 (Golden Earrings) = 57.97 ADA

  3. PXL#3 (2 attributes): 70 ADA (base) + 10 ADA (Gold Chain) + 16.90 ADA (Cigarette) = 96.90 ADA

Total Cost = 208.90 ADA

Reward Distribution for Genesis Holders

Genesis rewards pools hold all of the corresponding reward funds stemming from forging. These funds are accessible to Genesis PXL holders based on their Genesis PXL holdings.

Each attribute and base has its own genesis reward pool.

The general calculation formula looks like this:

GRa=(1āˆ’NoFA/10)āˆ—PaGRa = (1 - NoFA/10) * Pa

Where: GRa - Genesis Rewards for item a NoFA - Total Number of Forged Attributes on a PXL Pa - Price of forging item a

The ADA amount coming into each pool is dictated by the number of attributes which is being forged on a PXL at a given time. If a PXL is forged with only 1 attribute, regardless of the base chosen, 90% of the total cost of that PXL is sent to the corresponding genesis reward pool.

If the number of attributes being forged on a PXL is 5 however, only 50% of the total value of that PXL is shipped to the corresponding genesis rewards pool.

Genesis HoldersPoolTotal Forged

20 * 0.8 + 20 * 0.7 = 30 ADA



70 * 0.8 = 56 ADA



10 * 0.8 + 10 * 0.7 + 10 * 0.8 = 23 ADA

Gold Chain


13.27 * 0.7 = 9.28 ADA



14.70 * 0.7 = 10.29 ADA

Golden Earrings


24.03 * 0.8 = 19.22 ADA



16.90 * 0.8 = 13.52 ADA



A total of 161.31 ADA will be distributed towards various genesis holders.

Let's assume that Genesis Holder X owns a Gold Chain DEAD-base Genesis PXL. Let's also assume that Genesis Holder X is eligible for redeeming their ADA rewards on this Genesis PXL.

That holder can then redeem the following amount: 30 / 2 + 23 / 3 = 22.66 ADA

General calculation formula:

TRz=1nāˆ‘i=1nxi=1n(x1+ā‹Æ+xn)TR_{z}=\frac{1}{n} \sum_{i=1}^{n} x_{i}=\frac{1}{n}\left(x_{1}+\cdots+x_{n}\right)

Where: TRz - Total Reward for a given attribute z n - Total number of times that attribute z was forged x - Amount added to Genesis Reward Pool after forging.

Funds Distribution for PXL Wars Treasury

Assuming the same example as above, the remaining funds out of the total 192 ADA which were spent on forging are to be distributed to the PXL Wars ADA Treasury: 208.90 ADA - 161.31 ADA = 47.59 ADA

The formula for this calculation is quite simple:



PWT - PXL Wars Treasury ADA funds TF - Total ADA spent on forging TG - Total ADA sent to the Genesis Holder Pools

This fund is exclusively meant to cover the ADA rewards for winners of PvP PXL Wars battles.

Assuming that the user who forged the above attributes and bases faces them off against another player and loses, the amount that his opponent will be winning is 10% of the total value he spent on forging them which in this case is 20.89 ADA.

The PXL Wars Treasury is designed to support paying a winner of any given PvP game, completely independent from the total number of players.

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