Boot Camp

The PXL Boot Camp will be a limited PXL Forge programme introduced ahead of PvP & Skirmishes. It will allow users to get an early start by forging their PXLZ and earning $DING rewards while they’re at it.

To this end, a special Boot Camp fund of 25,000,000 $DING will be up for grabs. The Boot Camp will run for 30 days and players will be rewarded with $DING based on how much ADA they spend on Forging during this program.

The $DING rewards for participating in this event will be subject to a 90-day continuous vesting schedule.

This allows for bootstrapping the initial PXL Wars ADA Treasury as well as provide means for users to gain $DING at an advantageous rate, regardless if they hold Genesis PXLZ or metaPXLZ.

The PXL Boot Camp will launch on Cardano mainnet one month before the P2E PvP mode goes live in PXL Wars.

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