PXL Staking

Update #1 - September 2022 The PXL Staking Programme has ended as planned, on August 30th 2022.

57,769,840 DING were released into circulation via this programme.

As per the rules of the programme, all unclaimed rewards (totalling 10,440,040 DING) were added to the Community DAO Treasury.

75,000,000 $DING will be put into circulation via the Genesis PXLZ & metaPXLZ staking program as follows:

The PXL Staking program is taking place between May 2nd 2022 - July 31st 2022 on https://getding.gg

Genesis PXLZ can accrue from 4,985 $DING up to 10,000 $DING / PXL staked whilst metaPXLZ can get from 997 $DING up to 2,000 $DING / metaPXL staked.

Items from both collections will see varying rewards based on each staked token’s rarity.

There is no lock-up period on staking and as such, holders can stake or unstake whenever they wish to.

A penalty applies to those who harvest earlier than the 90 day fixed staking term: 25% of the total accrued $DING / unstaked PXL if unstaking takes place before 60 days of the staking program have passed and 20% between 60 and 90 days.

Reward calculation formula (result will be rounded upwards):

f(x)=13Γ—(2βˆ’BRβˆ’NoAR+1NoA(NoAβˆ’AR1βˆ’AR2βˆ’β‹―βˆ’ARn))Γ—STf(x)=\frac{1}{3}\times\left(2-BR-NoAR+\frac{1}{NoA}(NoA-AR_1-AR_2-\dots -AR_n)\right)\times ST


BR: Base Rarity

NoAR: Number of Attributes Rarity

AR: Attribute Rarity

NoA: Number of Attributes

ST = 10,000 for PXLZ & 2,000 for metaPXLZ

*Rarity is the probability of a given trait. For example the Dead base probability is this:


0-attribute, 8-attribute & Legendary PXLZ/metaPXLZ are an exception and will receive 10,000 $DING / 2,000 $DING respectively for a full staking term.

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