PXL Staking
75,000,000 $DING will be put into circulation via the Genesis PXLZ & metaPXLZ staking program as follows:
The PXL Staking program is taking place between May 2nd 2022 - July 31st 2022 on​
Genesis PXLZ can accrue from 4,985 $DING up to 10,000 $DING / PXL staked whilst metaPXLZ can get from 997 $DING up to 2,000 $DING / metaPXL staked.
Items from both collections will see varying rewards based on each staked token’s rarity.
There is no lock-up period on staking and as such, holders can stake or unstake whenever they wish to.
A penalty applies to those who harvest earlier than the 90 day fixed staking term: 25% of the total accrued $DING / unstaked PXL if unstaking takes place before 60 days of the staking program have passed and 20% between 60 and 90 days.
Reward calculation formula (result will be rounded upwards):
f(x)=13Γ—(2βˆ’BRβˆ’NoAR+1NoA(NoAβˆ’AR1βˆ’AR2βˆ’β‹―βˆ’ARn))Γ—STf(x)=\frac{1}{3}\times\left(2-BR-NoAR+\frac{1}{NoA}(NoA-AR_1-AR_2-\dots -AR_n)\right)\times ST
BR: Base Rarity
NoAR: Number of Attributes Rarity
AR: Attribute Rarity
NoA: Number of Attributes
ST = 10,000 for PXLZ & 2,000 for metaPXLZ
*Rarity is the probability of a given trait. For example the Dead base probability is this:
0-attribute, 8-attribute & Legendary PXLZ/metaPXLZ are an exception and will receive 10,000 $DING / 2,000 $DING respectively for a full staking term.
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