Build your own PXL squad

Forging is the PXL Wars activity where users choose from a selection of 69 Attributes and 5 Bases (identical to the ones from the Genesis collection) and build (forge) their own custom PXL in exchange for ADA.

A full breakdown of forge pricing can be found here.

Users will then be able to take their Forged PXLZ into battle and play vs. other users for ADA rewards.

See a live demo of PXL Forging here.

In order to be able to participate in a PXL Wars battle a user needs to have forged at least 3 PXLZ.

The number of forged PXLZ / user will be capped to 20.

The PXL Wars Forge will be split into 3 main tiers:

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3

First 23 attributes

& all bases

Tier 1 + next 23


Tier 1 + Tier 2 +

last 23 attributes

No participation



Spend XX $DING


Spend YY $DING


users to forge the first 23 of the 69 total attributes (sorted by rarity in ascending order) & all


The next 23 attributes (sorted by rarity in ascending order) can be forged

The final 23 attributes (sorted by rarity in ascending order) can be forged

Forging Explained

A minimum of 3 Forged PXLZ are required in order to play PvP.

There are 5 PXL bases in the game, DEAD, REPTILE, VAMPIRE, WEREWOLF & ALIEN.

A base can support up to 6 forging slots. Each forging slot can be used by one attribute. Each attribute (69 total) provides special abilities to a PXL (active or passive).

Each forged PXL can have up to 6 lives. No more than 3 identical attributes can be forged / account.

The maximum number of PXLZ which can be forged by one account is 20. Forged PXLZ can be removed to free up space. A user cannot remove or add attributes onto an already-forged PXL.

PXL Bases will feature passive and active native abilities which can be used during battle.

Attributes can be forged on top of a user’s existing PXL bases provided they are compatible with that specific base.

Each attribute comes equipped with a passive or active ability which can be used in battle.

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