Build your own PXL squad
Forging is the PXL Wars activity where users choose from a selection of 69 Attributes and 5 Bases (identical to the ones from the Genesis collection) and build (forge) their own custom PXL in exchange for ADA.
A full breakdown of forge pricing can be found here.
Users will then be able to take their Forged PXLZ into battle and play vs. other users for ADA rewards.
See a live demo of PXL Forging here.
In order to be able to participate in a PXL Wars battle a user needs to have forged at least 3 PXLZ.
The number of forged PXLZ / user will be capped to 20.
The PXL Wars Forge will be split into 3 main tiers:
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
First 23 attributes
& dead base
Tier 1 + next 23
attributes, reptilian
& vampire bases
Tier 1 + Tier 2 +
last 23 attributes,
werewolf & alien
No participation
Lock 20,000 $DING for the duration of your gameplay
Lock 35,000 $DING for the duration of your gameplay
users to forge the first 23 of the 69 total attributes (sorted by rarity in ascending order) & the dead
Opens up the next 23 attributes (sorted by rarity in ascending order) for
forging plus the reptilian and vampire bases
Unlocks the entire set of 69 attributes as well as the
werewolf and alien bases

Forging Explained

A minimum of 3 Forged PXLZ are required in order to play PvP.
There are 5 PXL bases in the game:
A base can support up to 6 forging slots. Each forging slot can be used by one attribute. Each attribute (69 total) provides special abilities to a PXL (active or passive).
Each forged PXL can have up to 6 lives. No more than 3 identical attributes can be forged / account.
The maximum number of PXLZ which can be forged by one account is 20. Forged PXLZ can be removed to free up space. A user cannot remove or add attributes onto an already-forged PXL.
Each PXL base will come equipped with its own stats (presented in the form of numeric values for HP(hit points), STR(ength), DEX(terity) and INT(elligence).
The stats of a PXL base will be determined randomly from a min/ max interval upon Forging and will reflect the specialty of that Base.
Stats can be improved by forging attributes.
PXL Bases will also feature passive and active native abilities which can be used during battle.
Attributes can be forged on top of a user’s existing PXL bases provided they are compatible with that specific base.
Each attribute comes equipped with its own stats modifiers - either adding or subtracting from the stats of the PXL they are being forged on top of.
Each attribute also comes equipped with a passive or active ability which can be used in battle.