Community DAO Treasury

Update #1 - September 2022

A total of 10,440,040 DING stemming from unclaimed PXL Staking rewards has been added to the Community DAO Treasury fund. See the transaction here.

The Community Dao Treasury fund now holds 17,230,160 DING.

The remaining unharvested $DING from both the PXL Staking and PXL Boot Camp programmes as well as $DING stemming from penalties applied for early unstaking will go into the Community DAO Treasury Fund alongside its seed amount of 6,790,119 $DING.

This fund represents the DEADPXLZ community’s first step towards becoming self-governed.

A number of prominent community members will be assigned as signatories of the wallet containing the DAO Treasury Fund which will be spent according to proposals coming from and voted by the PXLZ community.

The Community DAO Treasury Fund is subject to the following vesting schedule: equal monthly amounts for a period of 1 year.

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