Project Milestones

The past, present and future of DEADPXLZ

Completed milestones:

  • Project ideation & initial concepts (January 2021)
  • PXLZ stake pool's 1st Cardano epoch (February 2021)
  • Website and socials launch (March 2021) and the DEADPXLZ socials go online
  • 10K Genesis PXLZ minted (May 2021) Pre-minted the entire 10K genesis collection.
  • 1st Genesis PXLZ sale - Season 0 (June 2021) 333 PXLZ sold by introducing the very 1st version of the drop chain, a new approach to NFT drops.
  • 2nd Genesis PXLZ sale - Season 1 (August 2021) 3333 PXLZ sold. One of the 1st applications to integrate Nami in an NFT drop, sporting an evolved version of the original drop chain concept.
  • Genesis PXL distribution complete - Season 2 (September 2021) Remaining 6K+ PXLZ sold via the now-classic interactive & fun mechanics (see the infamous drop chain model in action here).
  • Whitepaper v1.0 aka PXL Wars announcement (September 2021) The very 1st version of the PXLZ Whitepaper (PXLZ for Dummies) showcasing early PXL Wars P2E concepts launched with a bang!
  • PXL Explorer launch (October 2021) The 2nd smart contract marketplace on Cardano, exclusively tailored for DEADPXLZ.
  • PXL Forge 1st Demo (November 2021) 1st preview of the PXL Forge.
  • Whitepaper v2.0 (December 2021) The launch of the 2nd revision of the PXL paper featuring in-depth PXL Wars P2E mechanics overview.
  • PXL Forge Demo #2 (January 2022) Showcasing key on-chain concepts such as PXL Wars account creation as well as forging PXLZ and Genesis holders Rewards distribution, all beautifully showcased within a fresh layout. Live DEMO here.
  • metaPXLZ launch (March 2022) metaPXLZ collection mint via the PXL Explorer using atomic minting.
  • The $DING paper & Whitepaper v3.0 (April 2022) The reveal of the $DING (the governance & utility token of DEADPXLZ) tokenomics as well as a new evolution of the whitepaper.
  • NFT staking kickoff & launch (May 2022) Genesis PXL & metaPXL holders to accrue $DING by staking their NFTs via
  • PXL Wars Arenas reveal (June - July 2022) In-game footage of the upcoming PXL Wars arenas.
  • NFT staking ends 🎉 (July 2022) Successful distribution of $DING rewards to PXL Staking participants.
  • $DING LP Drive (August 2022) An LP staking program hosted on $DING holders will be able to provide ADA/DING liquidity and get rewarded with $DING APY and limited edition NFTs in addition to the corresponding LP tokens. All of the funds raised in this program will be added to the ADA/DING LP top Cardano DEX pool/s. More information on the $DING LP Drive programme can be found here.
  • Minswap Triple Yield Farm (September 2022) After successfully seeding the Minswap DEX Liquidity Pool with over 1.6M $ADA in TVL, a triple yield farm will be launched. The farm will provide staking rewards in the form of $ADA, $MIN & $DING to liquidity providers. Announcement here.
  • $DING Royale (October 2022) Further consolidating the $DING token circulating supply via a special distribution programme. More details regarding this initiative can be found here.

Upcoming milestones:

  • PXL Wars Boot Camp & PXL Wars Alpha Testnet Includes the PXL Boot Camp program (deployed to mainnet) as well as a limited access alpha version (Minimum Viable Product - MVP) of PXL Wars deployed to Cardano testnet for extensive testing.
  • PXL Wars Alpha Mainnet Mainnet deployment of the P2E PvP mode of the PXL Wars as well as Skirmishes.
  • PXL Wars Golden Evolving PXL Wars via overall ecosystem improvements and new feature add-ons based on data, user input and project governance.
DEADPXLZ has always prided itself with the ability to adapt to and overcome all sorts of unforseen situations. Please note that events may transpire in-between the incomplete milestones which may shift the current project timeline as well as create new milestone entries, all due to the accelerated dynamics of the crypto space.