DING Royale

Introducing $DING airdrops, $DING staking APR and Genesis PXL holder rewards in on


$DING Royale will:

  • Onboard new users into the ecosystem and further consolidate the $DING economy;

  • Run a POC version of the Genesis PXL Holder Rewards distribution system;

  • Will enable Genesis PXL holders to redeem their PXL Forging rewards in ADA;

  • Accelerate the development of PXL Wars;

Problem statement

  1. The current circulating supply of the $DING token is below 10% of the total supply. Both buying and selling pressure piling up on the current DEX LP are creating trade volatility as well as inviting impermanent loss and fluctuant slippage rates.

  2. The current number of $DING holders is around 1.3K vs. an estimated amount of 50K daily users participating in the Cardano ecosystem at the time of writing (September '22) and is concentrated around DEADPXLZ NFT holders as most of the $DING supply in circulation stems from the PXL Staking programme.

  3. Consolidating the $DING economy and ecosystem has proven time consuming for the project and is offsetting development milestones as well as creating the inevitable necessity of engaging 3rd party entities in order to achieve reasonable deadline completion.


Mitigating the problems presented above invites coming up with a one-stop-shop solution which attempts to solve all of these issues.

This is where $DING Royale comes in.

By implementing this programme, DEADPXLZ sets out to achieve the following objectives:

  1. The consolidation of the $DING token's circulating supply via special distribution mechanics which will welcome the broader community of non-PXL holders into the $DING holder fold.

  2. Introducing the POC version of the Genesis PXL holder rewards mechanism to the Cardano mainnet so as to give a taste of things to come to the community who have been highly anticipating this important feature rollout.

  3. Raising the necessary capital to help consolidate liquidity on the open market as well as finance future ecosystem development.

Diving deeper into $DING Royale

$DING Royale is a new, in-house built application which will be available on the https://getding.gg platform around mid to end of October.

This programme aims to proliferate the distribution of the $DING token to holders outside of the DEADPXLZ ecosystem by providing interested parties with several exclusive benefits such as:

  • No slippage rate

  • $DING APR based on the level of participation

  • Forged PXLZ NFTs based on the level of participation

$DING Royale participation is open to everyone and does not involve any prerequisites nor imposes limitations and only requires $ADA.

Based on the amount of $ADA that a users decides to spend, they will be receiving the following:

  1. A participation NFT which:

    • Provides eligibility for claiming an equivalent amount of $DING to that of the ADA which was spent (at the exchange rate of the time of purchase).

    • Accumulates $DING APR until its corresponding $DING airdrop is claimed.

    • NOTE: APR will be paid for up to 1 year and all $DING that is claimed will be subject to vesting based on the redeemed amount.

  2. A Forged PXL, usable in the upcoming PXL Wars game which:

    • Based on the amount of ADA which was spent is more or less expensive.

    • Features a DEAD Base with 3 forged attributes & can be used in PXL Wars as a playable character.

    • Forging costs will be covered by the project.

    • NOTE: For more information regarding PXL Wars forging go here.

User journey example

  1. User wishes to spend 500 ADA in $DING Royale at the current ADA/DING exchange rate of 0.05 ADA/DING.

  2. User opens the app via the $DING platform at https://getding.gg.

  3. User inputs the amount they wish to spend (500 ADA)

  4. User submits a transaction of 500 ADA + fees.

  5. User receives:

    • A participation NFT which can redeem 10,000 $DING, subject to 30 days of vesting as well as provides 10% APR for the duration of time that it is left unclaimed. Note that the APR is also subject to a 30-day lockup.

    • A Forged PXL worth 76.90 ADA on the house!

  6. After 40 days, the user decides to claim their $DING via their participation NFT and they receive an instant airdrop of 10,000 $DING + the equivalent of a 10% APR on 10 days of staking which can be redeemed after 30 days.

Participation tiers

  • Tier 0 - 50 $ADA Rewards:

    • Participation NFT

    • $DING equivalent airdrop + 10% APR.

  • Tier 1 - 250 $ADA Rewards:

    • Participation NFT

    • $DING equivalent airdrop + 10% APR.

    • 1 Forged PXL worth 57.98 ADA

  • Tier 2 - 500 $ADA Rewards:

    • Participation NFT

    • $DING equivalent airdrop + 10% APR.

    • 1 Forged PXL worth 76.90 ADA

  • Tier 3 - 1000 $ADA Rewards:

    • Participation NFT

    • $DING equivalent airdrop + 10% APR.

    • 1 Forged PXL worth 117.13 ADA

  • Tier 4 - 2000 $ADA Rewards:

    • Participation NFT

    • $DING equivalent airdrop + 10% APR.

    • 1 Forged PXL worth 236.61 ADA

  • Tier 5 - 4000 $ADA Rewards:

    • Participation NFT

    • $DING equivalent airdrop + 10% APR.

    • 1 Forged PXL worth 403.66 ADA

  • Tier 6 - 10000 $ADA Rewards:

    • Participation NFT

    • $DING equivalent airdrop + 10% APR.

    • 1 Forged PXL worth 1,158.62 ADA

Forged PXLZ configuration and pricing

DetailsAttribute 1Attribute 2Attribute 3

Tier #1




Golden Earrings

Attribute pricing




Tier #2





Attribute pricing




Tier #3





Attribute pricing




Tier #4



Top Knot

In Love

Attribute pricing




Tier #5


Gladiator Helmet



Attribute pricing




Tier #6



Venice Mask


Attribute pricing




Genesis PXL holder rewards

Since all Forged PXLZ introduced in the $DING Royale Programme feature 3 attributes, according to the Genesis Rewards Distribution formula, 70% of the amount spent on forging will go to genesis holders and 30% will carry on in the PXL Wars ADA Treasury.

With $DING Royale going live, Genesis Holder Rewards will become a reality. They will be based on the Reward Distribution and Genesis Rewards Eligibility schemes.


Current calculations project the following amounts of $DING going into circulation once the $DING Royale programme is sold out:

Max Airdropped $DING Max Total $DING APR

~ 50,500,000.00 (~5% of total supply)

~ 5,050,000.00

These emissions will be supported by the Project Treasury.

Total forging costs covered by the project:

  • 30% goes to PXL Wars ADA Treasury

  • 70% goes to Genesis PXL Holders

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