Project Treasury

600,000,000 $DING will be allocated to the PXL Wars $DING Treasury which serves as both a reserve for distributing $DING into the Cardano ecosystem in the form of $DING staking rewards as well as a collector for in-game $DING spending.

The project $DING treasury will hence leverage a critical mass of tokens towards creating a balance between the funds it holds and the overall circulating supply.

The treasury will also support any form of staking APY which the project may give out via future $DING staking programmes.

All subsequent staking programmes APY harvesting operations can be subject to unlock periods which are TBD at the moment of writing.

PXL Wars users will be able to spend $DING on various in-game cosmetics and utility items which will in turn give them an extra competitive edge, thus enabling them to earn more ADA by winning more PvP battles.

This fund only unlocks $DING in the form of staking APY for participating in staking programmes held within or outside of the DEAPDXLZ ecosystem (ie. DEXes, CEXes, etc).

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